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Stressed Woman

Just like your mind can be stressed, your body systems can also be stressed for various reasons. This can lead to a myriad of health problems.

Electrodermal Screening is a non-invasive modality that takes direct, real-time measurements of the body's biodynamic responses. These responses identify the various states or conditions of stress using stress filters; stressors can come from both exogenous and endogenous sources. Through a complex pattern matching and recognition system introduced via electrodes to the body and the stress filters, the midbrain responds through the limbic response system (LRS). Changes to the LRS are then measured and recorded using sophisticated biofeedback equipment (SpectraVision) and intricate computer software (Bionetics). This information is then used to take steps to favorably influence, change or attempt to modify the stress condition for optimal wellness. Healing occurs by reducing exposure, increasing resistance, and re-training (or optimizing) metabolic function through mindset, awareness, and botanical and nutritional support.

Electrodermal screening looks at energy flow in the body to determine where there is stressed or stagnant flow . 

  1. Cells in the body communicate by emitting an electrical frequency, and that a massive amount of these electrical signals travel through meridians (among other places) in our body.

  2. Many of these signals are taken up into nerves, which travel to every organ in the body.

  3. We know what a healthy signal looks like to every organ and system in the body.

  4. When an electrical pathway is distressed, we know that there is stress on the system, and we can identify which organ or system is responsible based on the look of the stressed frequency. Each organ or system has a different stressed frequency. 

  5. This scanning device maps those frequencies on a graph so we can physically see the stress in the electrical pathway, and associate the wavelength to the organ or system with that signal.

The patient simply holds an instrument that records the body's unique biofield response, multiple items are selected into the software for scanning, and when the scan is over we review the stressed responses and top sensitivities. I work with individuals in two ways with this device: with a custom scan based on symptoms; or a series of 10 scans scheduled ideally 1-2 weeks apart. A series of 10 scans works on things layer by layer, making small changes over time for lasting results. 

What is your biggest body burden? Let's find out!

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