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Our Bodies Were

Designed to Work Perfectly

I Can Help You Get It That Way Again!



Body Stress Scanning

Electrodermal scanning is an effective way to find out which of your body systems are stressed.

Comprehensive Lab Testing

We will scan your blood sample for up to 80 different assays, for less than most places charge for about 6.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Digestive issues can be an outcome of sensitivities to various foods. Testing will help determine problem areas.

Hormone Testing

Hormones regulate body functions, but when they are out of balance we need to test to see where the strain is.

Gut Microbiome Testing

Your gut is the foundation of so many health issues. It needs to be working properly for you to be healthy.


Genetic Testing

Genetics play a big role in how your body functions, and your overall health. Find out your limitations and what to do about them.


Laser Therapy

is a great way to enhance the strength and performance of your cells. We can use this in many ways.

Audio Visual Entrainment

Bineural beats and other forms of sound and light therapy have a profound effect on many body functions.


Don't know where to start with a diet plan? Let's put one together that is tailored to your body.

Holistic Remedies

Liquids tailored to your needs from our direct stock, and others from partners with our discount.

Health Recovery Plans

Where to start and how to continue successfully. It can be daunting. I'll get you a plan you can succeed with.

Spiritual Guidance

Your body runs on energy. God is energy. You have a spirit, and it is energy from God. Let's see what He has to say.

Ear Seeds

Your ears have specific points that connect to your brain and central nervous system. Stimulating these can improve qi.

Ionic Foot Bath

In today's world we all need help detoxifying our bodies on a regular basis. This is a great way.

EMF Protection

Your health is being affected by EMF to some degree. Reducing it can remove symptoms

Infrared Sauna

Infrared light and heat provides a myriad of health benefits. Discover some of them with a relaxing session.


Let's Talk Holistic Health

The first step is setting up an appointment to discuss your health situation. Thinking holistically means discussing your symptoms, finding the cause of them, and discovering the best plan for you to correct those things causing your body to function poorly. Your emotions, nutrition, spiritual condition, physical condition, past experiences and current circumstances all contribute to your physical health. We start by looking at all the factors leading to your condition.

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