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Suffering From Unexplainable Health Issues?

Tired? Anxious? Insomnia? Unexplainable heath issues? Skin or hair issues? Feel different than your norm but not sure why? Read this (LONG) blog. You or someone you know may be suffering symptoms but unaware of an issue that could be causing it. This is long, but sometimes solutions take knowledge, which takes time. I've tried "boosting" on social media platform to spread awareness of the harmful effects but it gets rejected as it "doesn't comply" with their advertising policies. If you would like to spread awareness on this issue, please visit my facebook or page, like the post, and share it. That will help it to circulate more. Pictures and video of our findings are on both formats and A LOT more "daily-type" info is on "my story". I’m a highly sensitive person, that’s not just an emotional thing it is more of a sensory thing, like how easily your central nervous system responds to the environment. Roughly 15 to 20% of people have this. Past or current patients of mine, go to session 7 and take the quiz to see if you are a HSP. I’ve known that part for many many years and as long as I have things set up right it’s fine. Two quick examples to demonstrate the effect of the environmental energy on the central nervous system of a HSP. One, I sleep with the fan to block out any noise but it has to be the right pitch or the right frequency otherwise my heart rate matches it. So when our fan has a high frequency or high pitch my heart rate increases instead of decreases like it should to go to sleep. With the highly sensitive thing my husband used to always tell me it’s all in my head, but one night around three in the morning I woke him up because I couldn't sleep because there was a drip outside that was keeping me up. He told me "it’s not raining, it’s not possible, it’s all in your head". So the next morning I got up because I knew it wasn’t in my head, I found that our gutters were clogged with leaves so rain from a couple days ago was dripping out through the leaves onto a rock. I could hear that drip in our house and it was keeping me up. I showed my husband the drip and I rarely hear it’s in my head anymore 😁 So keeping that in mind, around the beginning of March my health took a drastic turn. I didn’t know what it was from and I kept telling my husband symptoms kinda a few things each day because they just seem so odd. My face felt sunburned, we hadn’t been outside except at the farmers market under the tent, my whole mouth and nose were so dry that it hurt to breathe from being raw, I felt like I had chiggers but I knew I didn’t but it felt like a crawling feeling inside (and it burned more than itched), and my brain felt like it was getting zapped, other spots sometimes, but often in my brain, and I was sleeping about zero hours a night. And with continual lack of sleep and the nervous system being over excited I was not doing well emotionally either (my poor husband just as he started his “mainly working from home”...but he too was so busy with his normal job and keeping up on all the requirements running a company during this time.) I even told him any “normal person” would go to the doctor and the doctor would say it’s anxiety from everything going on. And at times, there was some anxiety ... not knowing what it was from, what was going on with me, and all that was going on in the world. But I trust God as my whole healer and to show me what I need to do. Then one night when I couldn’t sleep I was looking up information and found out these are all symptoms of those sensitive to EMF (electromagnetic fields), RF, EF, EMI, dirty electricity, and geopathic stress. I already knew that I was highly sensitive to magnetic fields but this felt different than I’ve experienced before so I didn’t realize it was that. We made several changes to the home (I'll share the changes at the bottom) I noticed some improvement, but I was still severely struggling, I could feel it the most when I used my phone. I brought my phone into the phone carrier and said "I think somethings wrong with the internal part of my phone", I didn’t want to tell him because I could feel it because that would just sound weird, he took a look at the phone said there wasn’t anything that he could see wrong. And then said that his boss is highly sensitive to EMF and that people that are really sensitive to that are really feeling it right now because they've been doing testing on the new 5G towers, Saint Paul had a big 5G roll out the next day and they were testing prior to that. He also asked me if I’ve done any recent travel, which I had, because he said his boss has to clear the cellular data off the phone when he travels otherwise there’s cellular interference from trying to connect to the towers that it was connected to and the ones in the current area. So good and bad. The good is that I found more answers. The bad news is that I thought there was nothing wrong with my phone so I continued to use it thinking it was just me. My nerves felt like they were getting a Charlie horse when I would use the phone. And it felt like my brain was getting squeezed SOOO tight, I finally got to a point where I said I just can’t do it anymore and I would ask my husband a text and do things on my phone for me, he could feel the same thing I felt (to a less degree) and he is not a highly sensitive person… So there was definitely something wrong with my phone. They say dogs become like their owners, is there any way phones can become like its owner? My nervous system got zapped when they were doing the testing a mile from me and I’ve been ultrasensitive to any magnetic field since then. I think my phone got stopped too. Under normal situations I try not to schedule more than two patients that are getting scans a one day so I’m not sitting in front of a computer all day, we got our printer set up from a professional IT person (story on that below) and we don’t use Bluetooth that often. But this all happened at a horrible time… All of my appointments went to zoom, my patients were mainly done Virtual as well, my husband was home so we had multiple computers on all day, I couldn’t use the speaker on my phone as often because he was home also so I had to use ear buds and I didn’t have the right earbuds yet. After being right in the area where they were doing testing I became HYPERrsensitive and exposed to it in much higher amounts than normal for me. This would be similar to if someone had a dairy intolerance and instead of avoiding dairy to rebuild their digestive system, they drink 10 gallons of it Printer story…Several years back we had a commercial printer put into our home for printing labels and patient stuff. It connects to our wifi, one nigh. t when we first got it I couldn't sleep and told my husband the next day that there is something wrong with our printer connection because I could feel electricity running through me all night. His first response, you guessed it, "it's all in your head" but as soon as he finished that sentence he said, "well come to think of it I had a dream last night that I was trying to walk through an electric wall". So we called his IT man to come out to the house. The IT guy confirmed there was an issue and explained it like this, "your printer is an older version, it's not self-healing. What that means is that your printer and other things in the house are fighting for the same wave/frequency and are kicking one another off. If your printer was newer it'd be self-healing and find a different wave". I asked, "can a person feel that". He said, "not many people can, some can". He also said everyone has a different EMF of their own and explained that he can't wear watches because the glass shatters. I asked, "doesn't that concern you!" He said it doesn't concern him because it's always been that way. I said, "well your heart is an electrical unit and if the EMF from your watch and the EMF from your heart is causing so much EMI that you can't wear a watch ... that should be a concern". It wasn't to him and unfortunately, he died of a heart issue within that year. Changes we’ve made in the home… We got a meter, some new shielding stuff: a shielding block, a way to ground it, earbuds that convert it to air, got rid of our smart meter and got an analog, got a new phone, new sheildite pendants, and have protective devices on our computers and laptops and phones, we went down in our Wi-Fi services, we turn Wi-Fi off at night or when not in use for a long period of time. After a lot of research on the best shielding product, here is the company we go through: They're located in Canada so shipping is pricier than we're used to but if anyone wants to reach out I can see if others want to place an order and save on shipping. What I’m doing in addition to that… Grounding, foot baths, stretching, breathing, increasing antioxidants and electrolytes, and daily methods getting my nervous system back into parasympathetic and out of sympathetic, and I’m seeing a chiropractor that does craniosacral work... I told myself and my husband many years ago that if I am struggling with something I won’t be the patient and the healer. If I had a broken arm I wouldn’t be the one putting on the cast. I still feel some residual effects, not 100% yet, but MUCH improved.

Some countries are taking down 5G as they've discovered the harmful effects. Many are still going up in our area. If you are interested in protecting your home you can do so here!

Curious about what we've done in our home? Here's a link to a lot of home protective equipment. It's not complete but it's a great start! This summer Shieldedhealing is suppose to be coming to MN and we plan on scheduling an assessment! They do a whole house assessment but the bedroom is their primary focus since that's where over 1/3 of your day is spent ... and that's supposed to be our resting time (our central nervous system needs to rest!).

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