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What is the big deal? Obviously, all these things are ok for our health, or the government would shut it down...right? Wrong!

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Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) are what carry much of our digital information. Our mobile phones use frequencies that are considered 'microwaves' in the frequency spectrum. The towers that you see around urban areas are 4G, and now 5G towers that are transmitting these frequencies for our smartphones to function.


Unfortunately, the FCC regulations are founded on an understanding of EMF that was defined in the 1960's. There were no 5G transmitter towers back then. The amount of electrical frequency that is being sent through our airwaves and our bodies now is unfathomable to the people that made the guidelines so long ago.

Our bodies are made of cells that have an electrical frequency, and our entire body runs on electricity. This is a well known fact among all biological scientists. Doesn't it stand to reason that if we subject those electrical cells to strong EMF currents, there will be some kind of effect? Obviously nobody is changing into a superhero with extraordinary powers, so it seems obvious that the effects must be negative ones.

Want more than just opinion? Check out these scientific studies here:

Need more proof? Perhaps you are thinking that there should be more evidence. Perhaps the chart below will help you understand why you can't find more evidence and why the media isn't creating a public outrage:








Industry studies are studies that are done by the people who are funding and installing the cell phone towers. Non industry studies are done by other scientists not related to those companies. Here is a report that describes this dilemma:


More evidence you say? Listen to Jeromy Johnson's TED talk here:


What can you do about it? I can recommend products that can help shield you from some of the harmful effects. One great place to get some is here:  


But more importantly, you can become active in your local groups who are working to get controls and restrictions on wireless technologies that are being exposed to the public. Here is one:

Don't ignore the invisible things, and then wonder why your health is mysteriously deteriorating... do something about it now!

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