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Your genes go through an expression protocol, and are programmerd to express in certain ways. Those programs were given to you. Make sure you understand what you are working with.

Think of your genes as“employees”. You have roughly 18,000 of them. 


What’s they’re productivity- How are they working for you? Fast? Slow? 


Just as with factory workers- your genes productivity will affect the next gene in line and the end result.


This concept can more easily be understood with diabetes since many are aware of that process. People with type 2 diabetes typically have an excess of blood sugar but yet they’re often hypoglycemic (Low blood sugar)...How is that? Because the receptors are no longer functioning well enough to take the blood sugar into the cell. Their insulin is no longer working for them, it has become resistant to insulin and their cell is not getting the nutrients it needs- the glucose is higher in the serum (the blood) and not getting into the cell. 


With Parkinson’s the issue is with dopamine.; however, it’s not that they’re making an incorrect amount… The problem is more with the receptors and getting dopamine to be used appropriately. 


There are seven primary genes that affect our health And each gene, or worker, has a job to do and if it’s not doing its job well we feel the symptoms. 


MTHFR: methylation master. 

DAO: over sensitivity to foods

GST/GPX: detox dilemmas

NOS3: heart issues (i’ve been have cold hands and feet? You probably have a mutation on this gene)

PEMT: cell membrane and liver problems.

MAOA: mood swings and carb cravings

COMT: focus and buoyancy or mellowness and calm. 


If you’re the type of person that can’t sleep and lays awake staring at the ceiling after a stressor, even if it’s several hours later, you probably have a slow functioning COMT and MAOA.


Your genes can be dirty (or clean due to your genetic blueprint OR lifestyle choices (epigenetics). 


StrateGene test is done from the comfort of your home. It comes with 120+ page report that you take time to digest and incorporate into your wellness plan. It also comes with the gift of the “Dirty Genes” book by Dr Ben Lynch and Dirty Genes digital courses to help you succeed.


Contact me for more info. 

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