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Infrared light is a particular bandwidth in the light spectrum that penetrates the body and brings healing to cells and tissues in a number of ways. From reducing inflamation and pain to helping your body detox and resist infection, this warm relaxing experience is a great way to kickstart an upward, positive health cycle.

Infrared sauna's are a great for reducing blood pressure, pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, skin issues, allergy symptoms and risks of diabetic complications. They are also helpful for increasing your overall health by promoting detoxification, improving mood, creating weight loss, increasing cell longevity by protecting against oxidative damage, improving mental health, boosting immune function, providing antioxidants, and helping your body resist infection. Whew! That's a lot!

This unit is manufactured by High Tech Health and features triple anti-field far infrared heaters with the lowest total EMF in the heaters and cabin, low magnetic field cabling, and the lowest body voltage compared to all other units. It is made of poplar wood with no glues or resins to outgas, and has an exhaust fan to minimize Co2 intake and bring in oxygen.

Come find out what all the fuss is about by experiencing a relaxing, detoxifying infrared sauna session. You will even get a home-made natural organic electrolyte drink afterwards to help recharge your body!

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