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Your body has many pathways that carry electrical energy to and from systems and organs. These meridians can be stimulated to interrupt and affect energy flow, impacting the corresponding area.

Ear Seeds are small seeds used to stimulate pressure points in your ear. They’re a type of auriculotherapy, which refers to acupressure or acupuncture focused on the ear. They’re based on the same general principles as acupuncture. In traditional Chinese medicine, your health depends on the flow of qi (energy) in your body. This energy travels along electrical pathways, known as meridians. Meridians are found throughout your body, including your ears. Ear seeds are placed on certain points, usually along meridian lines, to help clear up any qi blockages. Resolving these blockages may help with a variety of health conditions.


Ear seeds help with a range of health issues, some of the common are chronic pain, especially lower back pain; insomnia and other sleep issues; depression; anxiety; stress; infertility; migraine and other head pain; addiction and weight loss.

Do you need help holding  the effect your acupuncture or chiropractor session? Ask me about ear seeds.

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