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Honey Ginger

name says it all

Vacation in a Bottle

hibiscus herbal flower + a mango fruit blend

Mango Madness

 kombucha + mango fruit blend


kombucha + ginger root+ apple + cayenne + lemon/rind + 100% maple 

Orange Lavender

kombucha + orange and zest + dried lavender + MN raw local honey



Hibiscus herbal flower + strawberry + ginger root + MN raw local honey

Stop by markets to see whatever random concoctions I'm growing and brewing!!


My Goodness! Kombucha is a homemade product. Flavors may vary and there is no refund if you don't like the taste. Please stop by markets to sample and ensure you like the flavor. 

Winter warning: If you forget to pick up your kombucha from the pick up box during the winter months, they will probably freeze. There is no refund for this. In fact, it's a loss for me with the product and the time it takes to clean :). Thanks for understanding.



Want to order some?

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