Honey Ginger

name says it all

Vacation in a Bottle

hibiscus herbal flower + a mango fruit blend

Mango Madness

 kombucha + mango fruit blend

Toxin Ninja (spicy!)

kombucha + cayenne, apple, ginger root, lemon, 100% pure maple  

Flower Power

hibiscus herbal flower + ginger root+ raw local honey
Dynamic Duo (elderberry)

kombucha + elderberries + cinnamon + clove + ginger root + raw local honey


Kombucha + star anise + licorice root + cinnamon + ginger root + raw local honey

Orange Lavender

kombucha+ juiced and zested orange, dried lavender, raw local honey

Spring and summer flavors continue to change!


My Goodness! Kombucha is a homemade product. Flavors may vary.



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