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Honey Ginger

name says it all

Vacation in a Bottle

hibiscus herbal flower + a mango fruit blend

Mango Madness

 kombucha + mango fruit blend

Toxin Ninja

kombucha + cayenne+ MN local apples + lemon/rind + ginger root + 100% maple

 Mango Clove

kombucha + mango fruit blend + clove buds


Candy Apple Red

Hibiscus herbal flower + MN local apples + ginger root + cinnamon + MN raw local honey



kombucha + elderberry mash + ginger root+ clove buds + cinnamon + MN raw local honey 

We have LOTS of random concoctions!!

Stop by markets to see what I'm growing and brewing!!


My Goodness! Kombucha is a homemade product. Flavors may vary and there is no refund if you don't like the taste. Please stop by markets to sample and ensure you like the flavor. 

Summer warning: If you forget to pick up your kombucha from the pick up box during the summer months, they will probably explode due to the heat. There is no refund for this. In fact, it's a loss for me with the product and the time it takes to clean :). Thanks for understanding.



Want to order some?

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