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And it is a diverse colony. Every part of the microbiotica in your gut has a job to do, and all parts need to work together. If anything is out of balance, your body suffers in other ways.

What is microbiome health? Your gut microbiome is composed of trillions of microbes that can be helpful, harmful, or neutral, pathogenic, or disease-promoting. Microbes can contribute to conditions like depression, IBS, IBD, leaky gut, and chronic fatigue. Symbiotic microbes can benefit you in a multitude of ways, including boosting your immune system and improving your digestive health. Diversifying and balancing the bacteria in your gut is a key way to take action in promoting good overall health.

There is a strong connection between your gut bacteria system and your brain, affecting all other body systems. But your gut biome is a highly complex environment which makes it hard to understand. While our genomes may be 99.9 percent the same, our gut microbiomes can be 100 percent different. This is why you need to test to understand the condition yours is in, and how it is currently working.

The microbiome consists of helpful, harmful, and neutral virus, bacteria, and fungi that live on and inside the human body. Each system has it's unique microbiome. Gut microbiome contains 10x the microbes than other areas in the rest of the body, totaling roughly 100 trillion microbes representing 5,000 different species. That is a lot of uniqueness to try to target. In addition to this there are many various levels of probiotic you can take:

-3 genus

-9 species

-18 strains

The number of combinations of probiotic supplements and gut microbiotica is staggering. and all of these have different purposes within the gut microbiome. A common problem with many people seeking relief from gut issues is the idea that they can treat it with one common probiotic that everyone is taking, even though every gut is astoundingly unique and different from others. One simple probiotic cannot correct everyone's unique gut issues.  Thinking this way would be like thinking the same fingerprint ID scan can be used on everyone's smartphone to gain access to the functions of the phone. Plus 85% of all probiotic that you get in off-the-shelf capsules never even make it the targeted area.

Gut microbiome testing will identify your unique gut microbe makeup which can help us begin to identify positive courses of action for your health. If you are lacking in one of the 'lacto'  strains you may think you are lactose intolerant. However, if we identify that deficiency we can tailor the correct kind of probiotic supplement for you, and behold... organic cream in your coffee is good again.

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