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Making health changes can be hard. We like to start with the first 2 or 3 big offenders so you can begin to see success. Then we will take a look at a plan that prioritizes things to get you on track.

A Health Recovery Plan will give you the tools you need to succeed! The whole process of obtaining wellness can be overwhelming. What are all these symptoms from? I can help you flesh it out. 

Often times the symptoms are not the cause but they need to be eased to give you hope for healing. When working with patients I address the issues both internally and externally. Externally generally is the presenting symptom while the internal is the root cause. One example is skin issues. Many skin issues are an internal issues that are externally presenting themselves. Another example is mood. Anxiety may be from the adrenal glands stuck in a rut of secreting too much cortisol, leading to the feeling of anxiety. The feeling of depression may be as simple as Vit D levels being off or digestion because there are more receptors for serotonin in the digestive system than there are in the brain. 

Each person is unique. We start with identifying your main concerns and approach these with an internal and external approach.

What are your top health and wellness concerns? Let's make a plan for success!

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