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Embryonic Stem Cells

Low level laser light penetrates cells and strengthens their ability to repair and function at high levels. This can have a profound impact on tissue.

Low level laser therapy affects cellular communication

Light - Energy converted to optical energy (a photon)

Amplification - Energy power level

Stimulated - Forced

Emission - Process to develop a photon

Radiation - a single color or wavelength


  1. Lasers put out photons, which are light energy.

  2. This light energy penetrates through cells into the mitochondria (cells power plant), and increases ATP, which cells use for energy and fuel.

  3. The photons also attract electrons and increase the electron levels. Low electron levels lead to inflammation, inability to fight toxicity, and low energy. 

  4. All of this increases communication within the cell, which leads to better cell survival, cell regeneration, and tissue repair.

  5. Rebuilding healthy cells is the goal and healthy cells are the thing that heals what ails you!

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is quickly becoming the first line of non-invasive tools in pain control, tissue healing, and in epigenetic stress rehabilitation. It is safe, painless, and easy to apply. LLLT is used to send information to the cells that is embedded inside the light. Embedded data is called “Induction”. Induction is much like a radio station’s call letters which signify their unique carrier signal. When you tune in to that frequency you can hear the music that the station is playing. LLLT is much like a radio station with a color frequency and information passing through it. This carries homeopathic information that the nervous system “acts” upon. The color of laser is technically its frequency. When light is absorbed, energy is transferred to the tissue (chromophores) and biological reactions occur. Lasers bring electrons to the skin and the color of the laser will determine how deep the laser will act on the tissues. 


Blue-Violet: 405nm, most superficial, and works with many skin conditions

Green: 520nm, utilizes auricular therapy and works with many stressors and sensitivities

Red: 632nm, penetrates into the dermis and is effective for pain and inflammation

Infrared: 904nm, penetrates below the hypodermis and works on deep pain, inflammation, and nerves


When laser light interacts with tissue, it causes certain photochemical reactions to occur and stimulates natural biological processes. Lasers carry concentrated electron energy, up to 10x the average rate of breathing and circulation. Adding laser light increases cellular energy!


While some patients get immediate results, others usually require 4-8 treatments before there is a lasting effect. Each patient will respond differently according to their body’s natural healing rate.


Conditions LASER cannot be used on:

  • We do not treat anyone who is or thinks they may be pregnant

  • We do not treat directly over pacemakers or pacemaker wires

  • We do not laser over or near electronic implants

  • We do not laser over the thyroid gland

  • We do not laser on anyone with a high fever

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