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What Makes

My Goodness! Kombucha

So Special?



Health Focused

Each bottle is made by hand by a Holistic Health Practitioner that cares about your health. Who else does that?

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Real Ingredients, Inside.

No extracts. No artificial stuff. No packaged stuff. Organic LOCAL plant ingredients only, some of which we grow ourselves.

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Do the hard things.

Doing it right isn't easy. If your focus is profits you have to cut corners. If your focus is health, You work. Hard. 

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Who is My Goodness?


I'm Rachael KraMer and I am a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and the creator of My Goodness! Kombucha.

Our mission is to improve the health and lives of our clients and customers in every way we can including what we drink. My Goodnesss! Kombucha is our method of providing one of the few things in life that tastes great and is good for you!

My Story

I began making kombucha in 2012 when I discovered that I love the taste and the potential health benefits. Unfortunately I found the process of most store brand kombucha on the shelf is in altered form. At that time the #1 reason I started making kombucha was to make it unpasteurized, as this kills the live enzymes and probiotics. My Goodness! kombucha is raw and not heated at all. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I use food for medicine and wanted My Goodness! kombucha to contain the medicinal benefits of the food. For example, ginger is good for digestion and is good at reducing inflammation so I use ginger root. Many brands found on the shelf contain ginger extract or flavoring. 


We are committed to using fresh, organic, local ingredients. In fact, many ingredients are grown in our own backyard or purchased from local farmers markets. Flavors change seasonally so I'm able to use what is in season. This helps to ensure the fruit has the maximum nutritional value. 

I do all this work with my husband Tom. He is at times the "behind the scenes" guy working on the design and layout of things, and other times the up-front guy showing up at markets, doing them with me on weekends and even taking over if I have patients scheduled. He's outgoing, fun, and friendly. He loves the interaction of local markets and is truly a foodie. I have to remind myself this is a good thing as he is my hardest critic. He helps with food pairing, flavor combinations, and the ability to describe it to others... such as blueberry-cardamon described as "a dichotomy of rich and mellow contrasted with a nutty bite" by him. 


Why is it important to purchase from a Holistic Health Practitioner? I have a passion for understanding and healing the body. I understand and live health and wellness, which makes these things along with purity of product and process my main objective. It is important to me to make sure my patients get the most bang for their buck, especially in the health world. This is why we at My Goodness! do all of the little things that are hard but make a difference, like leaving the rind on the fruit because there are many health benefits in the rind. It's also a reason that we change some flavors seasonally, because we understand that changing flavors seasonally is good for your health.

“All Disease Begins in the Gut” ~ Hippocrates 

As a Holistic Health Practitioner I'm working with individuals on how they can obtain wellness. We often start with digestion. Digestion is foundational to overall health.  In fact, my patients often hear me remind them that many skin issues are an external symptom of an internal issue. More and more people are recognizing the connection between gut health and emotional health. 


Serotonin is well known as a brain neurotransmitter and an imbalance in this is connected with depression. Did you know 90% of serotonin is produced in the digestive tract? This was confirmed in a 2015 study done by Science News. A lack of this peripheral serotonin (which is produced by the good bacteria) affects our mental health.



Most people know kombucha is good for digestion, mood, and energy. While this is true, an underlying goal is to alkaline your body. Fermented foods like kombucha helps to alkaline your body. Disease grows in an acidic environment. If you took a cancer cell and put it in an acidic environment it would grow and proliferate. If you put that cancer cell in an alkaline environment it would die. Cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment. Our bodies optimal pH is 7.36. Most of us are very acidic due to the typical diet, stress, and the environment we live in. One has to make a conscious decision and effort to become alkaline. When your body is alkaline you’ll notice an improvement in health and a decrease in destructive cravings. When your body is acidic you are more likely to experience pain, inflammation, and cravings for sugar, alcohol, and junk. We are what we eat. If our body is acidic we crave foods that nourish that and keep it acidic. If we tap into the alkaline environment we crave foods that alkaline our body. 


I began helping my patients with their ailments by helping them with their digestion. This is how My Goodness! came to be. Many would try it and say, "My Goodness! this is good, and I didn't even think I liked kombucha!" They'd ask for me to make them some with my next batch. Then they'd want some to give away as a gift or bring with on a get-together as a healthy alternative. I began making more and more and eventually wanted to share it with the public. In 2018 I began selling My Goodness! kombucha at local farmers markets. So far, I'm at farmers markets exclusively so I have the ability to maintain the purity that began it all.

We hope you get a chance to enjoy our healthy, pure, and energizing kombucha... designed to taste great and deliver optimum health.

Bottoms up!


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