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Eating a Meal

Healthy cells need energy, and energy comes from fuel. Using the right fuel is the key to success. There are many choices, theories, and diets. We will find a plan that works.

Nutritional planning is foundation to health. Everybody is unique, every BODY is unique. I am not a proponent of fad diets or a "one size fits all" approach. With that said, depending on your circumstances, there are times for strictly adhering to a specific regime for a period of time while your body heals. Your approach to diet changes will more than likely be dependent upon the severity of your symptoms. Some have food sensitivities and others may have developed environmental allergies related to a build up of poor diet choices, or diet choices that may be stressing your digestive system leading to degeneration.

Food is medicine and there are many food choices that you can enjoy that taste good while strengthening your body. 


My ultimate goal in nutrition planning includes rest, repair, and reintroduce. Rest the digestive system from what is burdening it. Repair the digestive system using healing food and supplements. Reintroduce food slowly so you are able to enjoy food again!

“All disease begins in the gut.”  -Hippocrates. What is ailing you? Let's fix this!

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