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It takes a village. We have a lot of great resources in our village, give them a try for better health.

Barb Abeler; RN, Colon Hydrotherapist, Founder of Life Cleanse of Anoka

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Martin Reed; Founder of Insomnia Coach. Provides a FREE Insomnia Sleep Training Course.

Tiffany Klenken; Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach


Hot yoga, cold pressed juices... you gotta try this!

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Lori Bestler; Motivational Coach and Speaker. Founder of Mindscapes Unlimited

Kamie Slegers; Studio Director, Yoga Therapist




Dr Arlen Lieberman; Founder and Director of Advanced Medical of Twin Cities

Let's Talk Holistic Health.

The first step is setting up an appointment to discuss your health situation. Thinking holistically means discussing your symptoms, finding the cause of them, and discovering the best plan for you to correct those things causing your body to function poorly. Your emotions, nutrition, spiritual condition, physical condition, past experiences and current circumstances all contribute to your physical health. I start by looking at all the factors leading to your condition.

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