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Here are some items that we suggest you get as a protection kit for your home, and everyone in it. 

These Items can all be ordered from this link at the bottom of this page. Once you order, I will be notified and can help you with any questions you may have, If you order these or similar items on Amazon... sorry, you are on your own. Those products can come from anyone trying to put out a copycat device of questionable quality, and I can't support any of those. If you order from the link below, I know I can vouch for the authenticity and effectiveness of those items, and can answer any questions you have, just let me know!


Shieldite Bricks or cubes - depending on the size of your home or the room you are trying to cover, you may want a brick or a cube. We have a 20cm x 10cm x 5cm brick in our home. These cover larger areas and greater concentrations of EMF.


Shieldite Pyramid. My husband has one of these on his desk at work. His computer is constantly connected to wifi and bluetooth to speakers, while wireless machinery such as large copy/printer/scanner devices are steps away. This protects his desk area from these items, and it is continuously grounded, which brings us to...

Grounding Cables are great for keeping your Shieldite items operating at full capacity. When using a gounding cable and plate the stone is constantly discharging and able to work at a high capacity. We have these for our cubes and pyramids.

Shieldite Pendants for each family member. These are great to wear all day long as you are exposed to wifi, cell towers, and other EF/EMF/RF items. We have used a digital meter to test the exposure with and without these items, and have seen a definite reduction in exposure. Don't leave home without it!

Order Your Protective Kit!

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