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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the document below to see more FAQs and the difference between Homemade and Store-bought Kombucha!
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What is kombucha?

It is a fermented tea made with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). This is the good bacteria and yeast that your body needs.

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Why are fermented foods good for us?

Fermented foods contain probiotics and good bacteria and yeast that aids in digestion and builds our immune system.

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What other health benefits does Kombucha have?

Kombucha has an extensive list of health benefits. The main ones are: good for digestion, packed with probiotics and beneficial yeast, loaded with B vitamins which support mood and energy, and balances our pH. When our body pH is balanced we begin to see an improvement in health.

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How long will the Kombucha last?

My Goodness! Kombucha does the 2nd ferment right in the bottle. So everything in the bottle has been fermented. This means it would last just as long as your pickles or sauerkraut would in your refrigerator. Fermentation is a natural preservative.

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How much sugar does it have?

While My Goodness! doesn't have the legal requirement of being tested in a lab, the recipe that we follow contains 2-6 grams of sugar in an 8 oz serving. Typical orange juice contains 24 grams in an 8 oz serving and natural carrot juice contains 13 grams in an 8 oz serving.

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Will it grow hair on my chest?

While the myth of growing hair on your chest is just that... a myth, it begs the question why anyone in this day and age would want more hair on their chest. Or even why they wouldn't.  Hmmm... on to bigger issues.

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How much should I drink per day?

This varies person to person depending on digestive issues. A typical serving size would be 6-8 oz to get a the full health benefits. No harm in drinking more if you like it, even16 oz or so. If you have digestive issues you might want to consult a health professional and start with 2 oz and see how you feel.

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Does it have alcohol in it?

When I told someone the process of kombucha they said, "you're just making alcohol" and sent me home with the alcohol tester he used as a beer brewer. I tested My Goodness! and it came back at 0. When I drank some again I felt like I could "feel it" so I tested it again. Again it came back at 0. That led me to research it and I discovered the niacin rush. I'd suggest googling this. Niacin is a B vitamin that dilates your capillaries. This increases blood flow and leads to the sensation of "feeling it". I've had many ask me if My Goodness! contains alcohol because they state they can "feel it". I then lead them through the pasteurization topic and explain that My Goodness! is not pasteurized and contains all the live enzymes, probiotics and B vitamins that others might not. Yay niacin!

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How many calories does it have?

While My Goodness! kombucha doesn't have the legal requirement of being tested in a lab, the recipe that we follow contains roughly 30 calories in an 8 oz serving, before adding fruit and a touch of local Minnesota honey.

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Do I have to be careful opening it?

If it's a new flavor you're drinking I'd suggest slightly opening the cap just a bit first to check the carbonation level  since My Goodness! kombucha uses real food, and different foods put off different levels of carbonation. If it's overly carbonated, leave the cap ever so slightly open for a bit allowing some of the air to escape. Once you are able to remove the cap all the way, then close it, and invert it to mix the fruit from the bottom in. Open. Shut. Mix.

The more "air space" that is in the bottle the more aggressive that you can shake. If you have a larger container and want additional carbonation after you've had some, you can leave it on your counter for 10 minutes or so and then shake. Only do this if there is air space. Remember warmth and shaking = carbonation. This is a neat science experiment that is only true when something has live enzymes and isn't force carbonated. With pop and beer once you open it the carbonation is gone. With My Goodness! kombucha you can recarbonate it months later. Science!

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Is it safe for kids and pregnant women?

For both questions it's important to check with a health professional. Digestion may be different while pregnant and with children you'd want to make sure there are no food sensitivities. My daughter drank My Goodness! kombucha throughout her entire pregnancy and has a healthy baby girl! Her baby will also be drinking My Goodness! kombucha when she is able to.

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How should I store it?

In the fridge! If My Goodness! was left out it would continue to ferment since it is not pasteurized. 



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