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Why My Goodness! Kombucha?
Just for the health of it!
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Health Focused

Each bottle is handmade by a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. What other kombucha does that?!

Fresh Beetroots


Real Ingredients Inside

No extracts.

No artificial stuff.

No packaged stuff.

Organic, LOCAL, plant ingredients only (some of which, we grow ourselves!)

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We do the Hard Things

Doing it right isn't always easy. If your focus is profits, you cut corners. If your focus is health, you work. Hard.

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Hi! I'm Rachael KraMer.

I am a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and the creator of My Goodness! Kombucha.

Our mission is to improve the health and lives of our clients and customers in every way we can, including what we drink.


My Goodnesss! Kombucha is our method of providing one of the few things in life that tastes great, and is good for you!


(Check out My Story on the next slide!)

A Wonderful, Probiotic Elixir

My Goodness! Kombucha is the best way to improve your body's health in a delicious way. It is small-batch-brewed and allows the fermentation process to naturally carbonate (no C02 forced carbonation as found in store brands). It also stays fresh because of its natural fermentation. It is never pasteurized, which keeps the natural enzymes alive to provide their health benefits. Commercial brands don't do this, and lose much of their health benefit in the process.

Kombucha has a massive amount of probiotic activity, which helps digestion and immune system strengthening. It also has naturally occurring B vitamins, which are good for your energy and mood, balancing your pH (which helps to eliminate sugar cravings) and fighting disease!


"My Goodness!" What a great way to stay healthy :)


Flavors Change Seasonally

Scroll down to see some of our favorite flavors! Click the button below to see which local farmers markets we'll be at, and where you can pick-up your pre-order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the button below to check out all of the questions we're asked the most!


Seasonal Flavors


kombucha + cayenne+ MN local apples + lemon/rind + ginger root + 100% pure maple


kombucha + elderberries + cinnamon + clove + ginger root + MN raw local honey



name says it all!


hibiscus herbal flower + strawberries + MN raw local honey + ginger root


hibiscus herbal flower + a mango fruit blend

Orange Lavender

kombucha + oranges + organic dried lavender + MN raw local honey


kombucha + mango fruit blend

Flower Power

hibiscus herbal flower +  ginger root +  MN raw local honey

*Flavors may vary and there is no refund if you don't like the taste. Please stop by markets to sample and ensure you like the flavor!



This quantity is good for drinking at one sitting, but is also enough propbiotic to make a 3 day regimen from.


750ml is wine bottle size. It comes to almost 26oz, and is good for a dinner party for four, or 4-5 days of probiotic regimen.


64oz growler lasts for as long as your craving allows, or for an 11 day probiotic regimen.

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Growler w/

Rinsed Return $24

Same size as the standard growler, but with the empty returned!



Want to Order Some?

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