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Rachael's Remedy

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In 2007 I began blending these oils as an alternative to an antibiotic to use for my family. Colds, influenza, bronchitis, and even pnemonia were becoming far too common with our kids and my husband. Now, instead of depleting the immune system with antibiotics that can wipe out good bacteria, Rachael's Remedy is actually strengthening the immune system! Each oil in this blend has been carefully researched and selected for it's unique medicinal properties. This combination is a synergistic powerhouse! Give it a try with your family!

How To Use

  • Place about 10-12 drops in a small pot with about an inch of water.

  • Cover the pan and bring to just a boil.

  • Turn off the burner then put a towel over your head, over the pot.

  • Gradually remove the lid. (It may be too strong at first so just take the lid off a little allowing some steam/oils to come out.)

  • Breath it in slowly and deeply through your nose for nasal/sinus congestion, and through your mouth for respiratory congestion.

  • I suggest breathing them in for 5-10 minutes at 3-4 times per day while sick (reheat the oils mid way if needed) and 1-2 times per day as a preventative measure if other household members are sick. In our house we keep reusing the same pot of water for a whole sickness. After the first time of adding the essential oils we then add 5-8 drops (instead of 10-12). Keep a box of kleenex handy ... you'll need them! The thyme is the expectorant and really draws out the built up fluids. 

What Others Have Been Saying About Rachael's Remedy

"I used this yesterday and today!  My daughter found no relief after 2 weeks on sudafed and antibiotics, one weekend on Rachael's Remedy and she was better.  Last night as I suffered with an upper respiratory issue she said, "use the remedy Dad" so I did and it worked!"

Tom B.

Sizes, Variations, and other Holistic Remedies

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Rachael's Remedy 1/2 Ounce size:  $35

Rachael's Remedy Travel size:  $10



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