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Why My Goodness! Kombucha?
Just for the health of it!
Each bottle is handmade by a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner!
What other kombucha does that?!
A wonderful probiotic elixer

My Goodness! Kombucha is the best way to improve your body's health in a delicious way.  The purpose of making this Kombucha is to make sure that it is the best natural health drink to offer. It is small batch brewed, uses fresh natural ingredients, and allows the fermentation process to naturally carbonate (no C02 forced carbonation as found in store brands). It also stays fresh because of its natural fermentation, and is never pasteurized, which keeps the natural enzymes alive to provide their health benefits. Commercial brands don't do this, and lose much of their health benefit in the process.

Why Kombucha? Glad you asked. Kombucha has a massive amount of probiotic activity, which helps digestion and immune system strengthening. It also has naturally occurring B vitamins which is good for energy and mood, and balances your pH, which helps eliminate sugar cravings and fights disease. My Goodness! What a great way to stay healthy!

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Flavors are changed seasonally, so check with us to see which flavors may be available. 

We sell at local farmers markets!

Check out the schedule to see where you can pick up your pre-order.

Want to get your hands on some?
Small quantities available locally. Fill out the contact form and ask about My Goodness! organic Kombucha. We will make batch arrangements tailored to your need. Then tell us what market you want to pick them up at.
It's that simple!


Want to order some?

Go to our square account, shop, and order!

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