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Rachael KraMer holistic health practitio

In her video lectures Rachael covers many topics, and shares plenty of supporting information. LInks to the supporting information for each video are found below.

Holistic Health Overview in this video Rachael discusses a myriad of holistic health modalities and addresses the impact an methods of each.

-Boosting your immune system:

-Immune system 2:

-Breathing, what the!?!

-Essential Oils:

Gut Biome/Immunity In this video Rachael digs into some common questions about the gut biome, its importance to the body and how it harmonizes with the immune system.

-Probiotic source:

-Probiotics Database:

-Immune System Facts from a PhD Immunologist/microbiologist:


-Book: Hygiene hypothesis:

-Book: "Dirt is Good".

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