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Make sure to strengthen your immune system!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Now more than ever, it is important to make sure your immune system is strong. There is not one "cure-all" item so here is a comprehensive approach. There are some tried and true things I have done with my family for decades that have worked for us as well as for many of my patients over the years, and I want to share them with you here. Many of the following suggestions have been mentioned in previous posts but it seemed appropriate to have them together in one spot. My goal is to see your health benefit from some of these techniques too, which is why I want to show you how to do all of this yourself if you choose to.

Three of the best, easiest ways that you can give your immune system some natural strength and power are Kombucha, Essential Oils, and Botanicals/Supplements. Let's examine why, and some easy ways to incorporate them:

My Goodness kombucha best liquid probiotic

Kombucha: The best liquid probiotic available

Kombucha has a super high level of healthy probiotics, B vitamins, and live enzymes that help your digestive health and boost your immune system power, especially if it is not a processed, in-store brand. Much of the processing of store brands reduces the probiotic content drastically. Plus, many of our buyers tell us they tend to tase nasty.

Organic, small batch, natural kombucha's made locally are not force carbonated and contain all their natural probiotics. Drink 6-8 fluid ounces per day and supercharge your gut to deliver strength to your immune system. Check out our kombucha page to read about the additional health effects of certain flavors: www.shekinahwellness/kombucha

Non toxic hand sanitizer and essential oils

Essential Oils: Beef me up baby!

There are so many oils and combo's that we could talk about, but to keep it simple for immunity purposes, I just want to focus on two topics:

1. An effective hand sanitizer can be made from a mixture of witch hazel, tea tree oil, orange, peppermint and lemon essential oils, and Vitamin E. Not only will this sanitize your hands, but it will also enrich your skin with the Vitamin E instead of just drying them out like the harsh sanitizers in most stores. You can make a mixture like this easily yourself (see my facebook post for instructions), or take a look at our blend here.

2. Oils that can be used in various ways (see previous posts) as antimicrobials are: Rachael's Remedy Blend, Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, and Lemon oil. Some of these are used topically, while others are vaporized. Contact me to learn more about proper usage and get your own here.

Supplements and Botanicals: The 1-2 Punch.

A few of the best supplements you can take for immune health are Vitamin C, Colostrum, Vitamin D, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and Colloidal Silver. Most of these will have instructions for use on the package, but if you are interested in discovering which types or brands are better for certain situations I would love to share some tips with you. Drop me a note and we can set you up! Here are some places you can easily get them yourself:

Some of the best botanicals you can use for immune health are Astragalus, IAG, Licorice root, Elderberry, Echinacea, Olive leaf, and Oregano oil. Here is a great article describing the benefits and usage of these microbial fighting items:

Let's all make a commitment to inhibit the spread of disease, and strengthen ourselves to fight it off when it comes. Subscribe to my blog and connect on social media to get constant updates on helpful tips for health!

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