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What's In Your Wellness Toolbox?

Rachael's Remedy essential oil bottle

This is the go-to in our home! There is a bottle in the kitchen next to the stove, my husband has a bottle in his briefcase, I carry a travel size in my purse, and there's a full size in my vehicle. My husband and I were traveling a few years back so we didn't have this on hand and he got sick. Since then we vowed to have it on hand at all times.

It started around 12 years ago. My son would continually get sinusitis and then my husband would get bronchitis from him. The Dr's would prescribe an antibiotic which would deplete his immune system and he'd get it again. It was a vicious cycle! During one sickness my husband (notice the name Rachael's Remedy but in all honesty it was his idea. I'm just the one that continues on with making it!) researched "natural antibiotic", he researched ingredients and their medicinal properties. He came to me and wanted to buy these essential oils and said, "We have to do something else ... 'it's insanity to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result' " Albert Einstein. I was hesitant because the copay for an antibiotic was under $10 at the time and the bottles of oils were at least triple that. As frugal as I am, my only thought was "what if it doesn't work". He was insistent on wanting to at least try. Praise the Lord it worked! After that, I thought if it worked on this let's try it on that, and that's how I realized the effectiveness of natural medicine. Another thing I didn't think of that first time we bought oils was that the prescription was good for one person for one sickness. The oil blend lasted a family of 5 for well over a year. Actually, in a house of 5, we've had one person one time since then need an antibiotic. That was in the earlier years and knowing what I know now I may have like to conquer that one as well :)

OK, so here's the big reveal of what is in this bottle. But first, I need to mention, if you are going to make this on your own make sure you are using a high quality, therapeutic essential oil. Not one you find on the shelf at a drug store. It would defeat the purpose with all the chemicals and fillers that are in those. Also, know there are differences in red/white thyme, cinnamon bark/cassia, etc.

The ingredients and ratios are:

20 drops Clove

20 drops Red Thyme

15 drops Cinnamon Bark

10 drops Lemon

10 drops Eucalyptus Radiata

Here's how we use them:

Place about 10 drops in a small pot with about in inch of water, cover the pan and bring to just a boil, turn off the burner, put a towel over your head over the pot, and gradually remove the lid. It may be too strong at first so just take the lid off a little allowing some steam/oils to come out. Breath in slowly and deeply through your nose for nasal/sinus congestion and through your mouth for respiratory congestion. I suggest breathing them in for 5-10 minutes at 3-4 times per day while sick (reheat the oils mid way if needed) and 1-2 times per day as a preventative measure if other household members are sick. In our house we keep reusing the same pot of water for a whole sickness. After the first time of adding the essential oils we then add 5-8 drops (instead of 10). Keep a box of kleenex handy ... you'll need them! The thyme is an expectorant and really draws out the build up.

If you'd like a bottle of this but don't want to turn your kitchen into a science lab email me to purchase a bottle.

Oil coming out of a plant in our kitchen

This is just a random picture that I thought was super cool and fitting for this blog. It's a plant in our kitchen with the goodness coming out of it's leaf!

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