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Tidbits of Useful Information

When my daughter was a teenager she would ask why I'm always lecturing her. I'd say, "I'm not lecturing you these are just tidbits of useful information!" She'd roll her eyes. Apparently she didn't appreciate it at the time.

I'll share some of those tidbits with you: ☀️Drinking liquid through a straw causes wrinkles and gas ☀️Drinking liquid with meals decreases digestive enzymes ☀️The "warm up" before exercise warms up our synovial fluid (fluid between joints) making it easier on the body. ☀️Food can, and should, be used for medicine. Example, Pineapple contains a digestive enzyme called bromelain. ☀️"All disease begins in the gut"~ Hippocrates ☀️Adding color in your diet provides a wider range of nutrients your body needs ☀️Drinking cold water restricts digestion and inhibits the breakdown of fat. Room temp or warm water is best. However, hydration trumps all. ☀️People sleep better in a cooler room because their body doesn't have to work as hard. Your temp slightly decreases while you sleep. ☀️Our body rejects foreign matter. Think of a sliver and how it "knows" to push it out. ☀️Food sensitivities don't have to be permanent. Often times the person simply lacks something needed to digest the food. Rest, Repair, Reintroduce ☀️There are more receptors for serotonin in your digestive system than there are in your brain ☀️One benefit to cardio work outs is that it forces deep breathing (future post on this coming!) ☀️Cellulite is not about being fat or skinny. It is an issue with connective tissue fibers; however, if you're overweight more fat will be there to push through the CT fibers ☀️When you think positive thoughts certain hormones are released and when you think negative thoughts other hormones are released. Your thoughts have an effect on your health ☀️Biofeedback works, try it. I tested this about 12 years ago when my husband had kidney stones. Healing touch and tone of voice really can lower your heart rate and decrease pain level ☀️Our brains are neuroplastic, meaning it is possible to "rewire" our brain but it takes a conscious effort. It takes 21 days to create a habit. It takes 21 days to form the 1st branch of a neuron, after 63 days you've created entrained cells with connecting dendrites. 21 days of similar event ---> Branch---> repeat ---> branch ---> repeat ---> branch ---> connecting DENDRITES, motor neuron that have created a neural pathway that is automatized.

Imagine our dinnertime conversations ... fun times!

If you'd like more information on any of these tidbits feel free to browse through previous posts or contact me.

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