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Sleep well. Be well.

Several sleepless nights + being around sick kids = I ended up getting run down or sick. My husband, Tom, was also around sick kids, & me, but didn’t get sick. What can we learn about sleep, germs, and toxicology from this?

Sleep: our body does a ton of healing work while we’re sleeping! As we blissfully doze off there’s a war going … our fighter T cells are activated. T cells are a type of white blood cell that are critical to the body's immune response. When T cells recognize a specific target, such as a cell infected with a virus, they activate sticky proteins known as integrins that allow them to attach to their target and, in the case of a virally infected cell, kill it. T cell activity is higher while sleeping. The body also flushes toxins while sleeping, especially a toxic protein called beta-amyloid from brain tissue. Lack of sleep = weakened immune system. This is why I got sick and my husband did not. I wasn't sleeping.

Germs: while sickness is near us, we are both very aware of how germs transfer. And for now we’ll do an elbow bump saying we’re both awesome at managing the spread of germs. We wouldn’t wear a germ filled cloth, touching it numerous times throughout the day while touching other surfaces. We’re both very aware of what we touch, wiping it down after, and the healthy one not touching their face until hands are washed. Probably about 15 yrs ago I went on a women’s weekend away with pink eye, all of us eating popcorn and playing cards. No one else got pink eye, again, I’m very aware of how germs are spread. Equally important as knowing how germs transfer, is the concept of building a healthy terrain. If you have a strong immune system you’ll have more manpower to fight off a virus. When most people think of their immune system they think of antibodies but toxicology is just as important.

Toxicology: If the body is overburdened with the task of processing poisons, the organs will not function optimally. The source of these poisons can come from chemicals, prescription medication, air quality, etc. There are also many overlooked and undetected poisons… candles, fragrances, plastics. Most people are somewhat aware of plastics now, but think of shopping at a grocery store, everything is served and stored in plastic. Eating at restaurants: what kind of salt are they using, the over consumption of seed oils, etc,

Our bodies are overburdened with toxins, weakening our immune system.

We need awareness of the sources of exposure and implement substitutions. Without implementing changes ... information you learn, is just information. It may be work upfront, but your body and health will thank you!

Our body needs a good night's sleep to filter toxins and build the immune system.

Where are you at? Sleeping well, happy, heathy and vibrant? GREAT! If you have some room for improvement or are looking for some growth opportunities: whether it's how to build your immune system, learning more about your body and health, or simply getting a good nights sleep - check out my "What I do" tab on my website and contact me! From the website, you can now schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone call to learn more.

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