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a WHOLE LOTTA love and and little bit of sass

A whole lotta love and a little bit of sass.

It's sad but true, I've seen many people on social media questioning the motives of small businesses during this crisis. People that know me typically know me pretty well, so this is mainly for any that don't. If you don't want to read the whole thing please scroll to the end for the main take-away.

-I'm definitely not looking to make a sale or make an extra buck, and here are a few things that demonstrate this that any patient of mine would be able to confirm...

- I made a lot more money while working fewer hours as a Director of Nursing. If I was in it for the money I'd still be a DON. I want to help people get well. - When I decided to go into holistic health I knew private practice would be the best fit so I could meet the needs of the patient. Some are in and out because of kids and work, others are here for many hours. I couldn't do that if I were in even a "wellness clinic" setting. I'm also free to talk about the healing power of God when I'm independent. - I personally believe to buy/support local. Many of my services/products could be done remotely but I don't engage in this because my goal is to support my local community. I let people in other areas be the practitioner where they are, while I'm supporting my local community here. - From a business perspective, at this time I wouldn't be in need of having a sale because the people that want to buy will buy anyway. Plus, I'm personally paying more for things right now ... even paying more in shipping because I'm not operating under normal conditions and restocking as I normally would. - Many of my previous patients contact me kinda freaking out when something new in their health comes up. It's my practice to educate them on things to first try on their own and then encourage them to come in if those things don't work. If I were preying on their fear I'd bring them in right away, but it is my ultimate goal to equip them with knowledge and give them confidence in their body's ability to heal. - I spend a lot of time answering tx/emails. Many practitioners have a fee for this or simply don't do it. - I often show people and educate others how to make their own (again ultimate goal to equip with knowledge) and I have it available if they prefer not to make their own -I've seen in others, and definitely in myself, that when one is not feeling well they are not able to think through how to get better. One time my son came home from school, I was laying on the couch with menstrual cramps, he asked me if I've used lavender (funny a teenage boy would know that :) but he knows how and when to use many things because he was raised with it). The other day I tx my husband and told him I'm so tired and don't know why, he reminded me to drink beet kombucha. When you are the one struggling, it's hard to think of how to get out of the situation and I like to be able to help remind others when they are in need. Often times when I know my patient's are not feeling well I tx them reminders and they say "oh thanks for txing me! I forgot about that" -Many of the things I post about are things I've done in my home for well over a decade and it's worked well. Actually, in our home of 5 we haven't had one person need an antibiotic since 2007 ... even with the icky elementary school germs and all :). There's been times someone has been sick or run down, but we build our immune system to kick it before it turns into something worse. -I'm in the process of writing a book to share my info with others. I was raised in a pretty dysfunctional home and only by the grace of God and His healing power as well as the natural sources He gives us for healing, I am who I am and I'm so thankful for that. After being raised in that environment, to not struggle with depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress ... it's only God, and the driving force behind my business is that I want others to know of His healing powers and the natural resources He provides. -Throughout this whole coronavirus thing I've been doing OK. In fact, I haven't had to change much ... I often use instacart (groceries delivered) and have been using it even more as I see it providing jobs/tips that others need right now especially if anyone else in their home may be laid off. I haven't been stocking up because personally the way I run the house I think we could live well over a year on the things we have. In the spring, markets are outdoors and this just started early. I don't want to get sick but for me I am confident it wouldn't be fatal so I've had no fear. And then I went to the store the other day ... the feeling was very oppressive, I came home and sat on the couch, heavyhearted for the health care workers that are working in those conditions around the clock ... many nurses I know are not afraid of getting sick themselves but to work in that environment (the fear that is felt by others) is tough and my heart goes out to them. After I was in the store for a half hour I felt down, they're around it for hours and days at a time. I did a product post recently facing my supplements instead of facing the camera because I couldn't make it through without crying as I was thinking about the health care workers (and a few were picking up kombucha that morning). -The main take away: I will continue to post pertinent information on relevant issues. People that know me know me well, if you are not one of them and feel there are any ill-intentions or bad motives here please unfollow me. I don't want to be connected to that negativity in any way. -I know this has been long, but please bear with me a minute to speak the truth in love .... don't allow a crisis to tear people apart (Ephesians 4 is very helpful. I read it in CSB today). The practitioners I know are working long hours right now attempting to meet the needs of their people. We too are having a difficult time finding product and are faced with unreasonable shipping requirements. Just yesterday I was trying to get a supplement and if I wanted it by Friday there was a $75 fee. I personally sold my last 2 bottles of VIt C out of what I personally have left in my own "Wellness Box" that I've had for quite some time. Why didn't I save it in case my home or kids need it, especially with the risk of high shipping cost? Because I love my patients.

This whole social media thing is relatively new to me and all I can say sometimes is .... ufffda!

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