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Food IS Fuel

We all know that dehydration is not a good thing, that we should drink enough water to prevent dehydration ahead of time. Same principle applies to food and our internal health (cells).

I encourage my patients to eat based on a clock rather than hunger. We shouldn’t feel hungry. If we are hungry our body has already turned to other sources to scavenge for fuel, such as attacking our muscles for nutrients. Long spaces between food intake is hard on the metabolism and blood sugar regulation.

When you’re hungry you’re not as able to make good healthy food choices but your body is looking for quick glucose fixes such as simple carbs, sugar, and junk.

Some people rarely actually get hungry. This is a sign of a slow metabolism and I again encourage them to eat based on the clock rather than hunger...In this situation to speed up the metabolism.

As with most things, there are some exceptions to this principle, none of which should be done long-term.

How is your energy? Are you feeling vibrant and alive or do you need help finding your groove? Let me know if I can help. Check out my website or highlights for services so we can get you started.

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