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Gotta Love THIS PLANT and it's Information

With earth day being this week it made me take notice of THIS PLANT. I’ve had it for roughly 16 years. I’ve used it in presentations that I’ve done on holistic health, and as a good visual for my kids as they were growing up. Every single thing that has an atom has an electric field. This plant demonstrates an electromagnetic field, energy, and resistance. I don’t trim this plant, it just doesn’t grow beyond the cabinet because it feels the resistance (any botanist would know that to be true). When I’ve used this in presentations, someone has said it’s just growing towards the light because of the window there. But that’s a northern window and in the other direction I have a big east facing window patio door with two windows on each side. So if we’re growing towards the light it would be growing in the other direction.

We are so similar to plant life. A few similarities: Many internal cellular components (mitochondria, cell membrane and nucleus to name a few), immune system and how we react to the environment, how we absorb food/nutrients. Differences: we have a soul from God breathing His breath into us, And we have a skeletal system. A plant has a cell wall for their structure.

Physical healing can be measured. As a nurse, if there was a wound I would measure it to see if it was getting better or worse. Internal/cellular energy is not measured but felt. This plant demonstrates what’s going on inside us, but we can’t measure it .... this plant does! Take note where there’s no growth, look what’s right underneath it.

Curious about how you can protect your home? Check this out.

Curious about what we've done in our home? Here's a link to a lot of home protective equipment. It's not complete but it's a great start! This summer Shieldedhealing is suppose to be coming to MN and we plan on scheduling an assessment! They do a whole house assessment but the bedroom is their primary focus since that's where over 1/3 of your day is spent ... and that's supposed to be our resting time (our central nervous system needs to rest!).

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