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How do you feel after ice cream? Fat allergy or reaction to dairy? hmmmm....

Fat allergy or dairy? Sounds confusing, it sure can be! Sometimes people may react to things such as ice cream or butter or milk fats and believe it’s dairy but then when they don’t process other fatty foods well, they’re unsure what the source is.

Fad diets are not good for the body. They each have consequences when done long-term... keto can end up being hard on the liver and ohhh boy the digestion. When someone is strictly dairy free they can end up having a harder time processing dairy .... think of “lacto free” ... “lacto” is a probiotic genus needed to process dairy (lactobacillus, lacto acidophilus, etc. lacto is 1 of the 3 probiotic genus with 6 species, and 13 strains). Important to note, when I talk about dairy I’m not talking about Velveeta or kraft sliced cheese in plastic wrap 😊

When my daughter was pregnant, and even still while breastfeeding, I remind her to make sure to get more dairy then she’s used to so her baby gets the lacto strains. She hasn’t drink cows milk in probably a couple decades, not because of any diet restriction but other reasons. Why do kids have more food sensitivities in this era? Perhaps one reason could be more people have been adhering to multiple diet restrictions while pregnant and breastfeeding, not passing on the needed flora for digestion.

Some common symptoms of a fat allergy are a lot of phlegm and congestion in the throat especially in the morning, we’re having us in the chest near the thymus gland.

Unfortunately, this is a similar symptom to dairy causing stress on your body.

Most would think a fat sensitivity is a gallbladder issue. But it could be a sulfur deficiency. Our tonsils are our Sulfur sacs. Sulfur purifies the blood.

The top main causes of sulfur deficiency is number one over consumption of fatty foods and it depletes the body sulfur storage too quickly creating a fat intolerance. The other common sulfur depletion thing is smoking or living in polluted environments because again the body uses up the sulfur too quickly

Some foods high in sulfur bananas, eggs, garlic, and onions. There’s also cell salts and amino acids that help with this deficiency.

I mention often that long term fad diets diets can be hard on the system. The diet I most closely follow is vegan, although not 100% and I am mindful of gluten and dairy while not completely eliminating.

The restrictions I suggest to patients vary but most I commonly I find myself suggesting for patients to be gluten/dairy/and or sugar free for a period of time keeping in mind there are a lot of variances and those with autoimmune take a MUCH longer time because their condition has progressed.

Here are a few things that can be done:

Food sensitivity testing

Gut biome testing

Seek help from a Nutritionist. Nutritionist and dietitian are very different

Need help with any Let me know! rachael@shekinahwellness

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