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It's Easy to Look Tall in a Crowd of Short People

I recently posted in a social media post about a patient that I was looking forward to meeting with. It's been 2 years since she's had her comprehensive lab panel, I entered her numbers real quick just to get that step done, and I was shocked at her results .... Her autoimmune numbers are now within normal range, liver enzyme markers are now within normal range, cholesterol is now within normal range (Because liver is doing well. The liver uses cholesterol to “clean itself” so if the liver is under performing cholesterol goes up in an attempt to assist), blood sugar… finally stable.

I met with her a week or so ago and asked her what she’s been doing and here’s what she said, “I’ve been very, very strict with everything I’ve learned”.

The good and the 𝓢𝓸𝓶𝓮𝔀𝓱𝓪𝓽 bad. The good...she’s shown leaps and bounds of improvement. The 𝓢𝓸𝓶𝓮𝔀𝓱𝓪𝓽 bad... a little part of me was hoping for some magic thing she’s discovered that I hadn’t heard of yet.

The healing journey looks different for everyone and our genes play a large factor. One reason I thought she discovered some secret is because I’ve personally been working on some of the things she was working on but I’ve been working on it for years ... making slow steady progress (and she’s roughly 20 years older than me). It’s a good reminder that everyone is so very different. The healing journey looks different with each person. Don’t compare yourself to others, if you compare yourself to people doing better than you, you’ll feel less than. And if you compare yourself to people doing worse than you you may falsely put yourself in the wrong position and become arrogant.

I mentioned genes... I like to tell my patients that genetics loads the gun- lifestyle pulls the trigger. Meaning you don’t have to be affected by things that you are genetically predisposed to if you prevent yourself from having a triggering event (lifestyle).

I have MTHFR (genetic mutation that impairs the ability to convert and detox) so I am much more affected by things than someone that doesn’t have that may be, like my husband. However, comparing myself to myself… I’m getting healthier with age. My labs and other things are improving rather than getting worse. I’m in the long process of writing a book about my personal healing journey.

So what has this patient of mine done that worked so well for her? 2 years ago she had her comprehensive lab panel done (realized what she needs to work on), 1 year ago did gut testing and food sensitivities testing, read a book on how you’re personally affected by certain foods and how to acknowledge reactions, A couple days prior to retesting her comprehensive lab panel completed the whole foods diet for a month. And of course I had to ask… Does she drink alcohol at all. Her answer was no. Liver/cholesterol/hormones especially thyroid are all connected. If the liver isn’t doing well neither are any of those other things.

Need help with any of these? Let me know, I’m here for ya walking the same journey.

Be well

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