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Learning To Be Present and Silence Your Thoughts

Just be. Learning to be present.

I love how comfortable these birds are and how close they let me get to them. I have a couple patients I’m working with that are learning to be more aware of their thoughts, their surroundings, their intention, and being present with themselves. I thought others may benefit from this as well.

We have 60,000 thoughts a day. Good and bad thoughts. Thoughts produce chemicals and chemicals have reactions. Again, both good and bad. Step one is becoming aware of our thoughts. Not engaging with them, just being aware. Negative thoughts increases stress hormones which increased pain, inflammation and accelerate aging and decrease immune system. Positive thoughts increase endorphins which are a natural pain reliever, increase the immune system and overall feel good hormones. Step 1, just being aware.

Suggestion: To increase your awareness try this. Each day try to sit for five minutes and notice surroundings that you didn’t hear before. It could be birds, frogs or crickets, the wind, leaves rustling, a dog barking, a lawn mower, or maybe even household appliances. Within the first few seconds you’ll notice some sound you didn’t notice before you were quiet. After you’re quiet for about 30 seconds to a minute you’ll hear even more sound that you didn’t recognize before because your thoughts were louder in your head than the surroundings and your environment. At first make this a conscious effort practicing daily. Overtime you’ll become more aware of your surroundings without as much effort.

For me personally, my biggest act of discipline, when it comes to this, is not doing other things while I stretch. I stretch before and after I work out and I have to hold a stretch for a period of time anyway so it would be easy to be scrolling social media or doing other things. But I don’t. I close my eyes, go within, and hear things I didn’t hear before. And when I’m really in need of extra of healing... I call it my 10 minute healing and even scheduled it in my calendar 🗓

Some patients choose to just go through the series of sessions with me, rather than the scan/session, so the time and focus can be learning to incorporate these practices into their life. A few examples of some sessions… Sound therapy, how a thought is formed, rewiring the brain, right and left brain dominant, grounding. If you would benefit from learning how to incorporate this into your life contact me to schedule these sessions.

Be well💞

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