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What Is Your Source of Information?

Where do you get your information? Is it an author you like? A social media influencer or product ambassador?

Several years ago, probably around 20 years ago, I was shopping at a local co-op and had a realization. I remember it like it was yesterday and refer to it often.

A worker there, who was a wellness advocate, whom I often referred to for information, saw me putting bananas in my shopping bag and told me I shouldn’t eat bananas because they’re high in sugar.

“Don’t eat bananas”, I thought?! They are high in potassium, B6, fiber, a natural energy source, and helps with blood sugar regulation. I’ve heard people say don’t eat gluten or dairy, and now don’t eat fruit? Instead we’re supposed to live off of powdered stuff out of a jar? Hmmm, didn’t sound right to me.

I realized that day that I can’t follow the current fad diet’s or information out there.

Jesus ate local honey, not sugar. Jesus ate some dairy (goats milk). Jesus made bread with gluten and said the fruits of the tree will be used for food and the leaves for healing. Ezekiel 47:12 (The foundation of my business). However, very mindful of how farming practices have changed since scripture was written as far as pesticides and so on.

It used to be believed that the earth was flat... until the man that discovered the earth was round, instead of flat, went to prove this to be true and stated he knows its round because Scripture says so.

Ezekiel 47:12 Is the goal, not always the direct path. Sometimes the body needs to heal first and that is a different path for everyone.

Dietitians are very different than nutritionist. Wherever you like to get your info, find out where they got their information that they’re educating you with.

Here are a couple of my favorite resources:

- scripture (all the info we need, it tells us how to preserve things, hygiene, personal development, business dev)

- Phyllis A Balch author

- Book "Healing Is Voltage"

- Previous college books (I took 8 months to pick holistic health school because I wanted to make sure it was creation-based) let me know if you're in the area and would like to borrow any of these.

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