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"You Are What You're Able to Digest of What You Eat" ... tongue twister quote.

𝐻𝑒𝓎, 𝒾𝓉’𝓈 𝓂𝑒....

If you’ve been following me for a while now you know I talk A LOT about food and digestion. Those two things are connected and foundational to our overall health. Seriously. There is such truth to those cliché sayings… You are what you eat. All disease begins in the gut. An apple a day. Food is medicine. Food is fuel.

What would happen if you didn’t put gas in your car? What about the wrong kind of gas in your car? What about if you mostly put the wrong kind of gas in your car but topped it off with the right kind of gas every now and then? How would it run? The same is true for our body and unfortunately we can be pretty symptom-free for a long period of time, unaware of the damage being done.

Our body relies on vitamins, minerals, electrolytes to function.... cell signaling, nerve connections and communication, muscle function, heart, brain, immune system, pH level, hormones.... The whole system is dependent on what we put in and how we digest it.

Once those two things get off kilter the train begins to fall off the tracks and the situation worsens.

I often have people say “well I mostly” do this or that. Or I cut out 1/2 of one of my triggers. I lovingly use this analogy…if you were sitting on 10 pins it would hurt. What about if I removed five of them and you sat on five pins? Would it still hurt? When you’re trying to get back into balance a stricter regimen and level of compliance, or adherence to the plan, is necessary to make a change... it’s not forever, just while you’re healing.

Example ... if you have low stomach acid and can’t digest proteins you’re not able to utilize the amino acids that the body needs. Instead larger protein molecules are stressing the digestive system. With low stomach acid, it’s true for most foods, you can’t break the food down and get the nutrients that your body relies on.

I rarely use the saying “you are what you eat”. Instead I like to say, “you are what you’re able to digest of what you eat”...A bit lengthy I know, but also way more accurate.

I often use the phrase “food is medicine”, I’ll explain why in a future post though since this is getting long😊

Do you need help getting your train back on the track? It’s a big job, I’d love to help. I wish there were one answer for everyone or one service that fits everyone. But there isn’t a blanket approach. Here are some of my services… Comprehensive lab work, food sensitivity testing, Hormone Testing, electrodermal scanning (similar to muscle testing, but removes me from the equation), gut microbiome testing, consulting, session work (Session work is designed to get the body into parasympathetic mode so it can rest/digest/heal)

💞 be well friends

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