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You Know What's Been Heavy on my Heart Lately ....

Autoimmune. It’s been Heavy on my heart lately. These last few months I’ve had multiple patients with autoimmune conditions.

Some knew they had an autoimmune condition but didn’t realize how bad, others knew they had one autoimmune condition and are just learning they now have multiple, others are realizing how many other systems their autoimmune condition is affecting, while others… Like my patient today, never knew they had an autoimmune condition until getting their comprehensive lab work done.

In each of these situations my heart goes out to them. Prior to autoimmune, it’s much easier to get the body functioning better. With an autoimmune condition, it’s not impossible, it’s just a whole lot more difficult and the patient feels it a whole lot more. With each of these patients I find myself thinking, “I wish we met a year ago, or three years ago, or 10 years ago. Some time before you started feeling symptoms”.

Some common causes of autoimmune conditions: Food sensitivities Digestion/Leaky gut Chemical/heavy metals Chronic underlying virus or bacteria

The sad thing is, each of those things can be relatively quiet and unfelt while your body is compensating. Once your body is struggling to compensate you begin to feel symptoms. If the symptoms aren’t properly addressed and gotten rid of… That can lead to an autoimmune condition.

Friends, I urge you to get a comprehensive lab panel done. It’s very different than a typical CBC (complete blood count) and I’ve never met one person that doesn’t have something that they could be working on. It’s much easier to bring the body back into balance when it’s just a little bit out of range in certain areas.

You don’t have to get this done through me, perhaps you live too far away, or you feel more comfortable with someone else knowing your numbers. I just ask that you seek someone that will do a functional lab panel for you. You can go onto my website ( And go to the tab “talk to me”. In that tab there’s a “forms” drop down. Look at the laboratory consent form to make sure the testing that you’re requesting has everything in that panel.

Want me to help? Let me know! I’d love to.

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