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Your Microbiome is More Unique to YOU Than Your Fingerprint ... but we all take the same probiotic

Something to ponder...

70% of your immune system is housed in your gut 95% of serotonin receptors (neurotransmitter associated with well-being and happiness) are in the gut Taking an antibiotic 2x in a year increases major depression by 50% (of course, that’s where the serotonin "happiness" receptors are) Your gut biome is more unique to you than your fingerprint Gutbiome is made up of roughly 40 trillion microorganisms We have <10% of our gut biome in common 85% of probiotics off the shelf don’t make it past the stomach. The stomach is acidic and the cap opens up too early.

A company I like to work with sends out a testing kit, you send in a stool sample, they test your gut biome, and then make custom probiotics based on your results.

This pic is from a patient of mine that was super excited to get hers just in time (results take awhile). She sent me this pic a while ago but I forgot about it until I saw her the other day. I was amazed at how clear her skin looked. Results vary, some people feel bad at first because of the die-off affect when they’re starting a new regime. Some people feel great. She said she doesn’t “feel” much difference either way but ... - Her skin is looking great - Her mood is calmed - Her energy is typically pretty sustained throughout the day - Her digestion is getting better - She has confidence in her immune system

This company offers $25 off when ordered through this link:

Curious to learn more about gutbiome:

If you have questions or would like to schedule a consult, contact me. I'd love to help~!

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