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Where Do You FEEL Your Digestive Issues?

Where do you feel your digestive issues? Do you feel bloated and gassy? That would be an indication of large intestine. Do you feel heart burn/acid reflux or belching? That would be an indication of small intestine or low stomach acid.

The goal is a healthy digestive system. A healthy digestive system should be able to tolerate a wide range of foods without sensitivities and symptoms. Often times sensitivities are due to a deficiency in a vitamin, mineral, amino acid, or enzyme needed to break that particular food down.

If you’re uncertain what’s causing your digestive issues you may consider one of the following: - Food sensitivities testing: The company I use tests delayed reactions rather than immediate. You get a customized report with strong, moderate, or mild sensitivity reading and a customized plan to be able to reintroduce the foods! - Microbiome gut testing: this tests YOUR microbiome to find out what you are deficient In or have too much of and then customized probiotics are made for you based on your results! - Stomach acid test: Our stomach needs to be acidic to digest our food and keep the food contained in our stomach. Without the right amount of acid out food starts to come back up (Acid reflux).

All disease begins in the gut ~ Hippocrates

Want to get one of these scheduled or ordered? Let me know!

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