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When Is the Last Time You Got an Oil Change?

For our cars we do these maintenance tasks when the calendar says it's time, not when they malfunction. Why not use this same discipline with our body? What would happen to our car if we never changed the oil or cleaned the filter? What would happen to our bodies if we never cleansed the toxins we've put in and cleaned our "filters"? Our bodies are made up of organ systems that work together to complete tasks. Let's take a quick look at the organs that work to eliminate toxins from the body: the liver, kidney, respiratory tract, the skin, and the lymph system.

LIVER: Governs hormones, responsible for over 500 bodily functions and chemical reactions daily, produces over 13, 000 chemicals and hormones, manages over 50,000 enzymes, filters blood, stores vitamins and minerals, breaks down fat, regulates blood sugar, neutralizes pollutants. A "clogged" liver can lead to: jaundice, constipation, arthritis, gas, one-sided headaches​, anger and addictions.

KIDNEY: Filters the blood of harmful substances by removing them from the blood and excreting them in the urine. Our kidneys are a source of energy. An imbalanced kidney will lead to anxiety (think adrenal glands, right on top of your kidneys, secreting cortisol), salt cravings, and weak bones just to name a few.

RESPIRATORY TRACT: Responsible for taking in fresh oxygen, getting rid of old carbon dioxide. Lungs are the organ responsible for all bodily processes, similar to what gas is for a car. We can't drive without gas; we can't function without oxygen. Lung imbalances can lead to asthma, respiratory problems (bronchitis, pneumonia, etc), congestion and an inablility to remove toxins through our sweat glands​.

SKIN: Our largest organ designed to protect and defend. If our liver, kidney, and lungs fail to rid the body of toxins, it needs help from the skin. That's when we often see skin issues; dermatitis, psorasis, etc.

LYMPH SYSTEM: Someday this will be a post on it's own, but for now just know the lymph system is a complex system that plays a crucial role in detoxification and defense. It's there to deliver the necessary nutrients to each and every cell in our body, and remove waste in the process. To learn more about the lympy system look at this site:

Any negative symptoms we feel should lead to ask "what body system is responsible for creating that?" rather than slapping a band-aid on the symptom... often causing bigger and deeper issues.

Sometimes our body systems are so out of balance it causes a host of symptoms that have led us down a path we no longer wish to be on. This can lead to problems beyond the physical, including emotional and social issues.

Are you, or someone you know, in need of help? Would you like to work with someone that can assist you with setting goals that will direct you to a better place? Shannon Lowell is a Marriage and Family Therapist that specializes in addictions, dependencies, maritial problems, family conflicts, trauma, and parenting issues. She is the founder of Veritas and offices out of Coon Rapids, MN. You can contact her here:

Are you curious about which body system needs attention? Contact me to schedule an appointment:

I'll leave you with a challenge: set up a maintenance routine for your health. Each month of the calendar year pick a body system to focus on and improve. Need help? Let me know:

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