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How Can Holistic Health Be So Effective?

Here's some information that I got off of New Human's website. This SpectraVision is the scanning device I use in my practice. Many are unaware of what an electrodermal scan is and this info could shed some light.

Electrodermal scan

Do you remember watching Star Trek for the first time and being fascinated by the tricorder, that hand-held diagnostic tool that was used on crew members who got injured or infested with space critters from a strange new planet? With just a quick scan, the Enterprise medical team could identify nearly every possible condition known in the galaxy!

You may have thought that you’d never see this kind of technology in your lifetime. And you’re right – many have tried to replicate the tricorder but have fallen short in their attempts to build such a tool.

At New Human, we’ve done one better. Our newly developed SpectraVision Insight 2.0, or SV2 as we call it, identifies potential problems that may be lurking before sickness starts, rather than finding out what’s wrong after one becomes unwell (when it’s often too late to do anything about it). It even identifies what might be really causing those stubborn or mysterious symptoms that conventional assessment tools can’t pick up.

SV2 pinpoints the specific imbalances caused by thousands of potential substances which stress the body, so you can get ahead of the game and head off issues before they even start! And, to make your work easier, it prioritizes which stressors should be addressed in the priority order that the body actually wants them to be handled.

Let’s face it, we are being bombarded by an unlimited number of potential stressors to our health, especially when you consider things like:

  • Air and water pollutants and other airborne allergens

  • Pesticides, fungicides, and fertilizers

  • Household cleaning supplies and body care products

  • Molds, animal poisons and venom

  • Dietary stressors like gluten, dairy, eggs, corn and more

  • Nutrient deficiencies

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Emotional traumas, minor and major, throughout our lives

The SV2 looks at all these things and more. In fact, you can test your clients’ reactions to more than 8,000 substances that could be impacting the energy pathways necessary for them to achieve balance. The software displays which body systems are stressed, blocked, and requiring the most energy.

Body systems energy

Plus, the SV2 comes fully loaded with induction lasers that can be “tuned” to the proper therapy frequency. Combine that with your existing modality of care, and turnkey healing – from assessment to therapy – is in your hands.

Take THAT, tricorder!

Interested in learning more about how this can help you acheive your health goals? Contact me for a free initial phone consult. rachael@shekinahwellness

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