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A Few Good Recipes ... and Why They're Good For You!

Now that we all have our grills out and our patio furniture in place it's time to start planning our summer get togethers! You can be the one to say "I'll bring that" for desserts. And if you're bringing it ... you know you'll have a healthy option.

A few that I've experimented with (made up!) lately are keylime bars, a fruit dip, and frozen yogurt. However, I really need to start measuring and writing things down ... I usually just make things up, but they're really simple.

Fruit dip:

1 cup or so of Plain greek yogurt, a little honey, a little agave, a little 100% pure maple syrup, juice from an orange, then grate the orange peel, mix some in and use some for on top.

When I say "a little" I'd start with all of them together totaling a tablespoon and add more if you want it sweeter. Also, you could add pineapple. This is a good natural sweetener and has Bromelain as a natural digestive enzyme. This enzyme breaks down protein so it pairs well with meat.

For the yogurt I buy Greek godess or Chobani, I make sure it has fat in it (contrary to what most people look for). Your body needs fat so if you get it in things like almonds, yogurt, salmon, avacodo's, eggs, etc then you don't crave it from junk. For the maple syrup the only ingredient should be pure maple syrup from the sap of trees. For the honey, I buy MN grown, and your body knows how to breakdown honey and use it for energy (rather than storing it).

Keylime bars:

An avacodo, a lime (the whole lime/rind and all), some Greek yogurt, a little coconut milk, a little honey, a little agave, a little 100% pure maple syrup. Put in a blender or nutribullet. Put mixture on graham crackers, freeze. I usually also freeze some of the mixture without graham crackers and then just crush and sprinkle some of the crackers on top in a dish prior to eating.

Frozen yogurt:

Greek yogurt, fruit of choice (rind and all if using orange), coconut milk (or almond or soy), a little honey, a little agave, a little 100% pure maple syrup, vanilla extract. Put in blender or nutribullet. Freeze. Let it sit out for a few minutes prior to serving.

This site has some quick easy ideas also:

I love finding healthy ways to enjoy good food. Is there something you're craving but it's on your "no-no" list? Shoot me an email and let me help you find a healthy way to enjoy it!

Here's to good health!

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