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My First Triathalon!

Holistic health at work

We did it, my daughter and I completed our first triathalon! To be fair, this was a "mindful triathalon". The theme was get ready, get set, flow.

Getting our natural Vit D

It consisted of a 5K, 1 hour and 15 minutes of yoga outside getting our natural Vit D, then 25 minutes of meditation. We took full advantage of other things they had to offer: aerial yoga, hula hoop, and self massage. There were a few more sessions but we ran out of time trying to get into Aerial yoga. If you've EVER wanted to participate in a 5K or triathalon, this is the one to start with! Here's the link. Check it out and sign up next year:

Aerial Yoga!

Aerial Yoga!

There was absolutely no intimidation, more people walked the 5K than ran. My daughter and I jogged the whole thing and were shocked when it was done because her app was way off and we thought we were only half way done.

Also, good information for you in case you do sign up next year, most stuff (water, juice, bars, fruit, yogurt, etc) at the market is free. My daughter and I didn't know that until almost the end of the day as we finally caved and attempted to buy a water (we're both very frugal and brought our own stuff), they said we can't buy one but we're welcome to have one!

Such a sense of accomplishment! This sense of accomplishment is so good for both your physical and mental health. Holistic health at it's best. Can't wait to do our next one.

Mindful Triathalon

Exercise outside
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