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Here Comes the Sun...

But is it soon enough for you? Are the winters long, gray, and taxing on your emotional health? Have you considered St. John's Wort? St John's wort is a pretty little shrub with cheery yellow flowers that have medicinal properties and is especially beneficial to those affected by the sun (or lack of!). It has become pretty common knowledge that St John's wort is a good, safe alternative to antidepressants but did you know that the form you take it in will have an effect on it's absorption capacity? St John's is most readily available in pill form. A lot of the active ingredient is wasted as our body breaks the tablet down and de

ciphers what can be utilitzed. Taking liquid St John's wort that is meant to be used sublingually bypasses the digestive system and goes directly into the bloodstream, minimizing waste and increasing absorption capacity. For more information on uses and precautions check this site out:

I would recommend taking liquid St John's sublingually initially for 3 continuous months. Then, as part of a proactive plan begin taking St John's wort again (liquid/sublingual) in late fall and continue until spring. Ending in the spring will be right in time for the natural sunshine and allows your body the chance to take over. Working at this consistantly as part of a proactive plan by starting a regime prior to symptoms and then discontinuing in the spring allowing your body to take over will rewrite the way your body functions. I personally worked with a patient who did this for several years ... and now he no longer has the need for St John's wort at all! I also worked with a female who followed this plan and now has St John's on her shelf just to be used during the time she feels off balanced.

St John's wort is grown in zone 5 or 6 but often zone 4 and below have the longer winters and are in need of this medicinal plant! For more tips on growing this plant and it's usages check this site out:

For now, we can look out our window at our MN blizzard in April, and remember that the sun is coming!

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